Leadership, Influence, and Innovation: Transforming the Role of IROs

Leadership, Influence, and Innovation: Transforming the Role of IROs

May 10th 11:30AM – 1:00PM


The luncheon is aimed at transforming the role of IROs in the corporate world. This session aims to delve into how IROs can influence strategic direction and enhance their leadership, moving beyond conventional roles to adopt a broader strategic influence within organizations and below is more information about the session.

The session draws inspiration from an insightful dialogue featured on the “Winning IR” podcast with Mark Fasken and Adam Borgatti from the Aecon Group. We’ll explore several key themes aimed at inspiring and equipping IROs with the necessary tools and knowledge to elevate their strategic significance and leadership:


·     Broadening the Horizon: We’ll examine innovative ways for IROs to extend their roles, ensuring closer alignment with executive leadership and strategic planning, including the integration of sustainability, corporate affairs, and strategic communications.

·     Team Dynamics and Leadership: Discussing strategies for effectively scaling teams amidst growing responsibilities while striking a balance between expansion and efficiency. Our goal is to shed light on recognizing team strengths and fostering a culture of excellence and adaptability.

·     Skillset Diversification: Highlighting the critical role of diverse skill sets developed through rotational programs and other learning opportunities, preparing IROs for varied challenges and opportunities.

·     The Art of Delegation: Focusing on the strategic importance of delegation in leadership, enabling IROs to concentrate on activities with high strategic impact.

·     Securing Strategic Influence: Offering practical advice on how IROs can demonstrate their value and secure a strategic position within their organization’s decision-making process.


1. Chanda Brashears, SVP of Investor Relations, Public Relations & Corporate Communications at Cinemark ( LinkedIn )

2. Leigh Anne Mann, Vice President of Investor Relations at Trinity Industries ( LinkedIn )

Location: Meso Maya

Address: 1611 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75202