SWRC 2018

While the macroeconomic environment is improving, we know budgets are still tight for plenty of companies, with many continuing to scale back on travel for educational development. NIRI SWRC continues to be diligent about offering an outstanding conference at a great cost to attendees and sponsors.


Our exciting program starts with a deep dive into the current economic and market dynamics of the Southwest Region followed by the strategies to decipher those indicators and influencers impacting our stock prices. We will decode the changing regulatory environment and assess the best IR practices that currently, and expected to, impact us every day. We will crystallize the challenges facing the modern IR professional and decrypt priorities for focus. We will hold panel discussions on best practices for media relations and other pertinent topics. Finally, we will unveil the solution to the puzzle of the role of the modern IR professional today and into the future.

The agenda will be updated regularly, so please check back for exciting developments!